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Generating new benchmarks can be automated using:

  • Project templates, a semi-manual approach;
  • omnibus, a CLI-like experience using gitlab API calls to terraform new benchmarks.

Setting up a benchmark with omnibus

After installing omnibus, docker and other requirements (such as defining a gitlab token so our user can create new projects via gitlab API), as described in omnibus, we need to define the benchmark structure. This is done via config files, and could be wrapped by using omnibus' wrapper:


    benchmark = "Your_benchmark",
    config = "config_Your_benchmark",
    datanames = c("name1", "name2", "name3"),
    methodnames = c("name1", "name2"),
    metricnames = c("name1", "name2"),
    explainer = TRUE, # Adds explanation of each config parameter to the buttom of the file
    ... # Add any config parameter setting (does not work with BENCHMARK, REPONAMES,
    # KEYWORDS, or TEMPLATES). Names must match the names from the template.
# If you don't specific the config name, it will be called "config_<benchmark>".

Using this file, the command

omnibus -o -p -s -c CONFIGFILE

triggers the benchmark terraforming.

To avoid storing the API token in clear text, you can pass it to omnibus with --token TOKEN.

Last update: December 11, 2023